6 things you should know before deciding to have breast augmentation

6 things you should know for information and decision making about breast augmentation For safety and prevent mistakes before breast augmentation The information that will be shared below is expected to be more or less beneficial for the lady herself. If you want to know What things must be considered before breast augmentation? Scroll down and have a look together.

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Fake silicone

For silicone breasts, whether it’s silicone, sand skin. or smooth surfaces must meet American standards And has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration U.S. FDA to be clear in every process. for the safety of the patient himself for example Previously, the patient had consulted with the doctor about breast augmentation with this brand of silicone. size this size But on the day of the actual surgery The doctor performed a breast surgery by inserting another brand of silicone that the patient himself did not know. This is because the procedure and procedure for breast augmentation surgery has passed while the patient is unconscious. But as time passed Before realizing that the silicone in the patient’s chest was fake. It’s when the chest has problems such as The silicone is deformed from the original. That’s the symptom that indicates the cause of the silicone leak. Or the silicone body is broken “, so it’s important to consider how we can check that the silicone implanted into our breasts is genuine and certified. We should check the information of the surgeon who operates. including the history of the hospital or that clinic Before, whether there was a history of secretly inserting a fake silicone to the patient himself or not.”

Fake surgeon

This is a very common occurrence in cases of fake surgeons who impersonate for their own benefit. Since breast surgery is a major surgery, it is important to consider. So is the information and education history of that person’s surgeon whether there is a real status of knowledge and expertise in plastic surgery or not. Therefore, what should be considered before deciding on breast augmentation is the history of the surgeon. Not just looking at reviews.

After breast augmentation, the wound is inflamed and infected.

If the body of a patient who has undergone breast augmentation surgery But there is a problem that the silicone is inflamed. or the wound inside is infected We have to split the topic into two main points:

– Patients do not refrain from taking supplements or vitamins before surgery Because these supplements and vitamins contain substances that stimulate blood flow. As a result, during the surgery, there was a lot more bleeding than those who had not taken vitamins for at least 2-4 weeks before. This caused the recovery problems after the surgery for a long time. and the area where the surgery was performed was more bruises than usual and risk of inflammation or eventually become infected

– insertion of a catheter to drain the blood in the case of those who stop bleeding slowly In this part, after breast augmentation surgery, but not draining the blood or water that is raging inside the chest, it can cause the chest to become infected and inflamed again as well. stay inside if not transferred And draining it also results in a hard chest. and can also cause fibrosis

Long recovery and long pain

On this point, as recommended by most surgeons, it is appropriate to choose the size of the silicone breasts to fit the body. not too big Due to the fact that the silicone is too big, it will affect the patient himself to undergo surgery. Or eroding tissue from the inside of the chest area a lot more than a person who has a fit fit. This is the cause of the patient’s recovery. and stay in bed for a long time

Unsightly surgical wound

The patient must have undergone breast augmentation surgery by a surgeon who specializes in plastic surgery only. Because a specialist surgeon will be able to suture the surgical wound with a technique that comes out beautiful and smooth with the skin layer well and skillfully. Also, at present, there is a breast augmentation surgery by endoscopy. In surgery with breast augmentation with this technique, the medical team can see the tissue inside the chest in detail and open a smaller incision than surgery with the previous technique. Therefore, if anyone does not want to have a large convex scar in the area of ​​breast augmentation surgery You need to find information and check the details of the hospital or clinic where we decide to have breast augmentation. Is there any surgical technique that can give us confidence?

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