8 Tips on Choosing a Perfect Hairstyle

Getting a new haircut is often an empowering act that makes us feel in control of our lives. Some people go to the salon either to celebrate a fresh new start or to emancipate themselves of a recent heartbreak or disappointment and make themselves feel better again. When life seems out of control, getting a haircut would make us feel empowered once more that we have complete control over everything.

Meanwhile, hair may take time to grow with an average of up to 1/2 a month. Thus, choosing the perfect hairstyle is crucial to avoid resentment or disappointment. Are you currently opting to get a new hairstyle and looking for a hairdresser in Gardenvale who can make it happen? Before going to any salon, consider the following tips to help you choose the perfect hairstyle!

Think about your face shape.

First, identify your face shape by photographing yourself with your hair tied back. Then, try to make out the shape outside of your face. Another way to do it is to take measurements and proportions of your face. A square or round face has the same length and width. Meanwhile, individuals with a triangle shape have a broader area from the forehead to the jawline.

Talk about your face shape with your chosen hairdresser in Gardenvale. People with round faces often look good in haircuts that make their faces slimmer. People with square faces should get a hairstyle that softens the angles and makes them look more feminine.

Your hair texture should go well with your chosen hairstyle.

Hair texture and hairstyle should go hand in hand. Having an oval face does not guarantee that every hairstyle would suit you. Avoid having a short bob when you have thicker hair, as this may be challenging to maintain. Instead, experiment on face-framing layers, shag haircut, and long layers, among others. Meanwhile, individuals with thin hair may choose haircuts that can make it look thicker.

Think about your hairstyle.

Are you busy and barely have time to air dry your hair in the morning? Is your hairstyle part of your job? Your lifestyle is a significant consideration when choosing a hairstyle. An extended pixie cut with angled bangs may require an extra fifteen minutes to maintain using a flat iron. Meanwhile, sporting a chin-length bob may not be suitable for people who go jogging or running as part of their exercise. There is no way that you can make a ponytail out of a chin-length bob! Talk about your lifestyle with a professional hairdresser in Gardenvale before taking the plunge.

Consider your skills and patience in styling your hair.

Let’s face it. Some people are better at taking care of their hair and styling it than others. These few take the time to select the best products for their hair and have spent time looking for informative videos and articles online to inform them better. Meanwhile, other individuals are too busy to care if they go to the office with unkempt hair! Before scheduling a haircut with a hairdresser in Gardendale, ask yourself if you have the right equipment to maintain your hair daily. Also, ask how much effort and patience you want to put into your hair.

Look around and determine what’s trendy.

A hairstyle should make you fit in the crowd. You certainly don’t want to look defunct and old-fashioned sporting a Farah Fawcett look in Charlie’s Angels or wear those perfect perms! Instead, try to research online and find out what’s trendy or not. Choose possible haircut options that suit your face shape and discuss them with your stylist.

Think about whether your hairstyle reflects your personality.

Your hairstyle is an essential part of your image and personality. Go-getters with a rebellious streak often go for asymmetrical hairstyles, while reserved people would settle for blunt cuts with to-the-point ends. Among men, bald and shaved hairs have a romantic side!

Think about the positive and negative features you want to highlight or hide.

Hairstyles may emphasize or hide facial features. This is how a professional hairstylist can transform your appearance! Try to talk about it with your chosen hairdresser in Gardenvale. Share with them if you want to highlight your eyebrows, eyes, or jaws.

Meanwhile, some would decide to sport a haircut with layers to hide the shape of their neck.

Consider experimenting with your hair before getting a haircut.

Getting a haircut is one of those big decisions we can make for ourselves. The time we need to wait for our hair to grow can be torture. Before going to the hair salon, get to know your hair and face shape. Experimenting with a shorter cut using clips and pins may help you decide on the best hairstyle.

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