A pet is equivalent to a kid for most individuals. Dogs, especially, are adorable creatures that give their owners love and affection like a child. Most individuals today take their pets along with them wherever they go. Many workplaces have a doggy daycare that allows employees to work without worrying about their furry babies. Dog owners today take their furry pals for a dip in the pool for exercise and recreation. These furry friends, too, need a physical activity that is fun and helps them stay healthy. Many pool establishments mandate having a dog life jacket for their safety.

There are brands like Sandy Snoots that allow their customers to purchase custom vests according to their needs. There are several criteria to remember selecting a pet swimming vest. The following section in the article will highlight the same for pet owners to invest in the best of the best vests online.

Tips for selecting the ideal swimming jacket for dogs:

Different canine breeds have varying requirements in a vest. The following are a few factors to consider while selecting and purchasing a dog life jacket:

  • Breed of the canine: The primary point in choosing a swim vest for a dog is its breed. German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers are breeds having a lot of fur on their bodies, making them look fluffy and large. Great Danes and Boxers are dog breeds that have minimal to no hair on their bodies, making them look slender. A life vest must accommodate the fur capacity of the pup, allowing them to feel comfortable during their swim. If the vest is too tight, it can make them feel claustrophobic and prevent having a peaceful experience.
  • Size and dimensions: Each dog is different, irrespective of its breed. Two Labradors or two Chihuahuas will not have identical body dimensions. There are brands like Sandy Snoots, for instance, that cater to the body dimensions of each dog. These well-known brands have the dog life jacket put into categories. The small-size jackets are suitable for breeds like Dachshunds and Chihuahuas. Medium-size are ideal for German Shepherds and Retrievers. These vests have adjustable straps to fasten them around their dogs to prevent them from slipping off during the swim. Investing in the proper dimension of the best will allow puppies to have fun swimming without worrying about the jacket floating off them.
  • Handle availability: Every dog life jacket needs to have a handle on top of the vest. Dogs who are first-time swimmers will find it tricky to navigate the water. The owner can use the handle to introduce them to the water and guide them to swim at the pool’s shallow end. These handles are present suitcase-style to lift the dog conveniently. There are situations where the dog might be unable to swim or is exhausted due to age. The owner can safely use the handle to guide them out of the water.
  • Colour and aesthetic: Many brands make fun and colourful life vests for dogs today. They come in exciting colours like neon green and yellow, bright pink, cool-tone blue and bright red. These popping colours allow the owners to keep an eye on their pets easily as these colours are loud and make them easier to spot. They also come with cute patterns like florals, baby animal prints and more. These vests are both functional and great for photos. The pup will look hip in these vests as they swim in the pool, having a good time.

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