Crystals 101: Finding What Perfectly Fits You

Over the recent years, the popularity of spiritual practices such as meditation, healing crystals, and tarot reading have soared dramatically. In fact, the number of views for the hashtag #crystals alone on TikTok have surpassed 7.5 billion. But what exactly do these do? The notion is that these may redirect and re-channel energy flow with their particular energetic vibrations, according to studies on how these precious rocks interact with the body’s “vibrational energy.”

The best ways to use these pretty rocks are to wear them, place them throughout your house, or place them under your pillow while you sleep. The energies from keeping crystals close to your skin might reach you directly through continuous contact. It is said that wearing these on a necklace or ring gives you ongoing access to the stone’s therapeutic properties. If wearing or holding your crystal isn’t your everyday style, consider doing so when you meditate.

You should now be aware of which specific crystal to purchase after learning what to do with them after you get them. The wisest course of action in matters mystical and spiritual is always to follow your intuition.

Here is a list that will assist you in keeping up if you’re still confused by all of these attractive rocks and don’t know where to begin.

Types of Crystals And What To Choose

Luck / Finance

There are several ways for us to gain fortune. However, we are frequently restricted by unhelpful habits and self-limiting ideas. These barriers to increasing prosperity can be removed with the correct precious rocks to choose. These gemstones for abundance might also give you the courage to try out brand-new, possibly lucrative endeavors.

There’s a wide range of options of the greatest gems for money and wealth in light of this. Among these are Pyrite, Citrine, Green Jade, Green Aventurine, Tiger’s Eye, Peridot, Clear Quartz and a lot more.

The left-hand corner or wealth corner in your home or business can be embellished with a collection of money gemstones to support your financial goals. Additionally, you may wear these as jewelry or carry them in your wallet or pocketbook to aid in smarter shopping selections throughout the day.They won’t attract money without work, but they can help you change your thinking and get rid of self-limiting ideas, which is essential while chasing prosperity and abundance.

Love / Romance

The strongest human feelings are love and romance. A great approach to achieve inner serenity in relationships is through these pretty crystals. They can assist with energy healing, chakra balance, negative protection, and more! You can do a lot of things with the proper crystal, including attracting love. These can be used alone or in connection with others to provide a stronger result. Some of these are Rose Quartz, Malachite, Pink Tourmaline, Moonstone, Lapis Lazuli, Garnet, Ruby, Kunzite, Rhodochrosite, Green Aventurine, and so on.

Strengthening connection between couples requires calming and soothing negative emotions like grief, rage, and fear.   These stones work best when used for meditation or when worn as jewelry during emotionally charged occasions like candle-lit dinners or anniversary celebrations. You may use these stones as jewelry to allow their healing energy to flow through your body and into your relationships.

When used, these potent gemstones have an impact on your relationships and emotions. Therefore, you may apply these precious minerals to boost personality and confidence while also improving communication in relationships!


Primitive civilizations from Egypt, Greece, and China all held the belief that stones have healing powers.  According to some, these gemstones have positive energy-flowing properties and can help you get rid of bad energy from your body and mind for emotional and physical advantages. Among the long list of healing crystals are Clear Quartz, Jasper, Obsidian, Amethyst, Bloodstone, and many more.

The chances are that these healing stones won’t help you if you already have doubts about them. But you won’t likely get hurt by them. To benefit from the many things these stunning stones may provide, you must have an open mind. There is nothing wrong with giving these precious stones a genuine attempt, whether you are looking for general positive energy or specific therapeutic qualities. Perhaps you’ll be pleasantly surprised, who knows.

Your inner consciousness will lead you to the crystal that is best for you whether it attracts your attention or whether you sense an intangible pull toward it. Just let your intuition figure out what’s best for you after that.

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