Home health care in Philadelphia: Top facts worth knowing

Following a health development, due to an injury, or because of age-related concerns, you may find it hard to manage your life on your own. Staying in a hospital, nursing home, or assisted living facility may not be the most convenient choice for a lot of people. That’s where you can consider using home health care services Philadelphia. As long as your doctor or physician says that you don’t have to live in a hospital, you can get home care at home, and it remains the most viable option for most circumstances. If you have never considered hiring a home health aide before, here are some key things worth knowing.

Find a reliable agency

The first step is to find a home care agency that you can trust. If you can ask around and get references, that’s always an advantage. There are also online resources that can help, and additionally, most agencies in Philadelphia have websites these days. Make sure that you ask a few basic questions before you make a choice –

  1. How long have you been offering personal care services in Philadelphia?
  2. What kind of home care services do you provide?
  3. Can you arrange for respite care when needed?
  4. What is your billing cycle?
  5. What types of payments do you accept?
  6. Do you have a proper process for screening caregivers and home health aides?
  7. Can you offer services for seniors, especially for those dealing with dementia & similar concerns?
  8. How quickly can you arrange for a caregiver?
  9. Does your agency meet all the state certification and licensing requirements?

Types of home care services

You have three options when it comes to personal care at home. The first one is to have someone live with you around the clock. Live-in care tends to be expensive but could be a great option for both non-medical care and companionship. The next option is called visiting care, which is a great way to seek help for basic chores and activities of daily living for a few hours each day. There is also respite care, which allows the primary caregiver to take a break when needed.

While there is no one reason to seek home care, this is the best way to heal in an environment that’s known and familiar to you. Home health aides have extensive training and can be your trusted companion as you heal and continue to live a normal life independently at home.

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