Lobby Signage – Types and Benefits for your Business

The lobby of your business plays an important role. It is the place visitors see first and invariably form their first and lasting impression about the business’s professionalism and credibility. Businesses can impress visitors with the help of attractive lobby signs as they wait. These signs decorate the place, show off the achievements of the business, and inform visitors of various things. According to Entrepreneurship in a Box, impressive signage can boost the business’s credibility. Depending on the architecture, layout, and nature of the business, you may need to invest in multiple lobby signs. Because buying and installing these signs can be expensive, you need to determine the need and benefits, as well as their location, size, and style.

Type of Lobby Signs

There are many types of lobby signs, and you can use many of them in the workplace, depending on their function. Some of the most common types include:

Acrylic letters: These letters made of transparent, translucent, or opaque laser cut or formed letters and shapes are very much in vogue due to their shiny, crisp, and polished appearance. You can get them in various colors and can also custom paint them to suit a particular color palette or to match your brand colors. You can mount them flush on walls and other surfaces or create a dimensional effect by raising them from the surface.

Metal letters: Aluminum, stainless steel, and brass are the most popular metals used in lobby signs. You can accurately shape these letters to match the fonts used in your business name or brands. However, metal signs can be expensive, and you can opt for a metal laminate that appears the same but is much cheaper and lighter in weight. For example, a lobby closed sign made of metal laminate is robust yet easily installable whenever required.

Illuminated signs: These backlit signs have become quite popular due to their dazzling looks made possible by high-intensity LED lights in various colors. Due to the sleekness of the LED signs, people consider them as elegant and modern. Innovative use of technology also permits the use of changing colors and an illusion of motion in the signs.

Plaques: These lobby signs are usually made of acrylic that may be transparent or opaque depending on the stylization. You can have the graphics and letters printed on self-adhesive vinyl, or you can paste 3-D metal or acrylic letters on them. The studs and custom screw covers used to mount them add a degree of sophistication while allowing removal and relocation with minimal effort and damage to the surface.


Lobby signs are a value-for-money investment for making your visitors and customers welcome and comfortable. You can use them to display corporate branding and mission statements to inform people about the business. You can also use them strategically to inform the audience of your product range and achievements or to give directions. You can also use aesthetic lobby signs to make your business distinct if you are in a shared space. When carefully planned and executed, lobby signs can immediately boost the ambiance of the workplace and project a more professional image of the business.

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