Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Event Planning Companies

Creating an immersive environment that people will talk about for years to come is a must for any successful event. Lighting, among other event services, is the designer’s hidden weapon for making radical changes to a place.

The impression you make on your guests can be profoundly affected by the lighting. If the lights are too intense, the audience will duck and cover their eyes, but if they are too dim, they won’t be able to follow the action.

Professional, high-quality event lighting by experienced outdoor LED lighting manufacturers can make even the most mundane occasion feel like something special.

Enjoy the evening in the ideal balance of indirect and ambient light, courtesy of this post’s ability to mimic the lighting conditions of a movie theater or production set. So, who’s all set for their big moment?

1. Garlands Of Greenery Look Much Better When Illuminated By Fairy Lights

Yes, you can add lots of pretty fairy lights in your garlands to enhance the green beauty. Plus, you can use them to provide a backdrop for perfect pictures.

2. Make A Waterfall Using Fine Light Strings

If you’re going to be hanging lights individually, it’s best to use clear wall hooks or thumb tacks to avoid damaging the venue’s walls. You may also buy preassembled ones from stores like Pottery Barn and Amazon.

3. Use Tall, Tapering Candles As Table Centerpieces To Increase The Drama

Candles and their holders come in various colors, so why not play around with them? You can place them on tables or along the way.

4. Highlight Drapings And Drapes Made Of Fabric

Try a UV bar, or multi-use LED spotlight if you want to add some light. Mini pin lights with a clip can be simply attached to a curtain rod so they won’t take up any floor space, and wall mounting may not be an option.

5. Light Walkways With Pillar Candles Placed In Towering Hurricane Lamps

When the weather permits, these are ideal for outdoor events, but indoor events requiring attendees to park a distance from the entrance can also benefit from them.

6. Shine Your Light

We know how challenging it may be to find the proper lighting for your next event. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of potential approaches to such a crucial part of your event.

Further, there are many new possibilities to consider while planning event lighting. You may rely on the best event planners for assistance and fresh ideas that won’t break the wallet.

7. Tuck Little Lights Into Or Around The Centerpieces On Each Table

You should think about including this in your lighting plan if your event takes place at night or if it takes place during the day in a room without windows. Or you can even hang them on upholstered patio chairs around the table.

It will add sophistication to your lighting design by layering light sources and illuminating intricate details in your centerpieces.

8. You Can Use Perspex To Make A Light Show

Signage and edging made with Perspex brand LED light panels are known by their trade name. Their wares, and those in a similar vein, are sleek and fashionable. Common uses include advertising sponsors or promoting event slogans at corporate functions or trade shows such as where innovation cars or heavy vehicle parts are exhibited by top truck part manufacturers.

9. Enhance Boring Presentation Stages With Eye-Catching Visuals

Colored projections look best on surfaces that are either light in color or highly reflecting, but intriguing effects can be achieved even on less ideal surfaces. Some advice is provided below to assist you in accomplishing that goal.

10. Wide Pillar Candles To Line Staircases

Such beautiful images of candles on staircases demonstrate this venue decoration method’s versatility, which can accommodate a wide range of event themes.

11. Clarify Yourself On Washes Of Ambient Light

Even more commonly used, ambient light washes can immediately alter the ambiance of a venue as soon as guests enter. They serve a purpose due to their ability to illuminate the entire room, not just certain spots.

These lights are frequently employed in the theater industry to illuminate a big stage. At most events, warm white tones can be used for ambient light wash. This keeps attendees’ attention on the main events.

12. Take A Look At How The String Lights Market Is Doing

Market string lights are ubiquitous and easy to recognize if you’ve attended large-scale outdoor events in the past few years. However, their pervasiveness in society goes unrecognized.

They can be a nice addition to an indoor event as well as an outdoor one. In terms of aesthetics, they can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including but not limited to:

Creating lit-up paths, trimming the perimeter of a venue, and even making a circus-like look by placing a bigger pole in the center and shorter ones on the outside. One of the best purchases you can make for your home’s lighting is a set of market lights because they are cheap and make a big difference.


The way your event is lit can have a significant effect on its atmosphere. Create a memorable experience out of something routine.

Remember to take the venue’s dimensions into account. Is the ceiling quite high? Balconies? Instances of Entry? Small doorways? Think about the safety of the venue before the party begins. You should consult with your event planner about the best lighting solutions, as they will have a deeper understanding of the aforementioned factors.

Don’t forget to consider your new lights’ dimensions and power requirements. To get a better idea of how various lights will look in certain spots, it may be necessary to do a site visit with your event designer.

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