The Flaws of the American Educational System

Despite our vast investments in K-12 education, our best schools are not among the best in the world. The United States spends more money on K-12 education than any other nation, yet our kids still perform poorly compared to their international peers. A new study called the Global Report Card layered specific nationwide figures. It says that a high-income suburban district, such as Beverly Hills, would be in the 46th percentile for math achievement. This is a complete misrepresentation of what our children should be learning in school.

Unfortunately, our education system in the United States has many flaws. It focuses far too much on test scores and grades. Bad grades hurt a student’s image. The GPA does not accurately reflect intelligence or the ability to learn. The result is that young people stop caring about learning and no longer want to go to school. The excessive stress on standardized testing can also deprive students of creativity.

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Some policy elites argue that high schools are a modern invention. Despite this claim, the history of high schools in the United States dates back to 1635. It was designed to provide classical education to the sons of merchants. However, the modern high school functions very differently from past high schools. They are arbitrary and lack challenging content. They often fail to prepare students for life beyond college.

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