The Ultimate Guide for Tent Hire for Outdoor Events

A lot goes into planning for an outdoor event. You would think the weather is conducive for all your outdoor activities until you realize that nature can be so unforgiving. Sometimes the skies are clear, providing the right amount of sunlight. Other times the clear skies get too clear, causing the sun to burn brighter than usual.

In some cases, you can be hit with heavy downpour when enjoying the outdoors. In this case, having a shelter is essential. However, buying a product for unexpected outdoor events is quite costly. Luckily you can choose tent hire and continue engaging in your activities uninterrupted.

Types of Tent Hire for Outdoor Events

Having a variety of products to rent gives you an option to select the best one for your needs. When having an outdoor event, let’s say a wedding, you need a tent hire that caters to the sheltering needs. You would like your guests sitting comfortably in the shade when the sky shines strong heat waves. It will also be ideal for the shelter to provide cover when it rains.

Clear span

When you are looking for a tent hire that will accommodate all your guests comfortably, the clear span product is ideal. Some models provide flooring and sidewalls opening and closing smoothly. Clear span models do not include poles in the middle, meaning there is so much space in the shelter for all the attendees.


Oftentimes, easy setup and take down in shelters are their best characteristics. For this reason, canopy tent hire is the best option if you want to achieve fast and effortless installation and dismantling. Canopy products are ideal for barbecues when the sun is hot, beach parties, and trips to the park.

Pole Shelters

As the name suggests, these products feature visible poles in the middle, used for additional support. Since they have poles, their peaks tend to be higher than the rest of the tops. However, they take up a little elbow grease during setup, but thankfully, you will have plenty of overhead space to walk around freely.

Clear Shelters

The best part about staying outdoors at night is looking at the starry skies. Therefore, going for a transparent tent hire is the best option to enable you to enjoy the scenic views of the sky. Clear products provide an exquisite view of the stars and moon and everything beautiful that happens right before you sleep.

Sailcloth Shelters

Unlike other products, this type features a sailcloth in its construction. The thinness of the sailcloth enables light to shine through when holding an outdoor event. Don’t be fooled, they are perfect for protecting you against weather inclement.

Factors To Consider When Renting A Shelter


When looking for a tent hire, you should consider the size. The size depends on the number of people who will be using it. If it is a wedding, consider the attendees and estimate the size that will accommodate them fully. The best part about renting a shelter is that you will get expert advice on the type and size of product for your event.


Tent hire can come with various features. Additional features mean you will have to pay more to rent it. Therefore, you should look at the features you like. For instance, shelters have flooring, dance floors, lighting, air conditioning, walls, windows, and liners, as part of the features. You can choose the add-ons you like depending on your guest list and event type.


The material for making shelters matters a great deal. Nylon and polyester materials are the most common on the market. They provide sufficient protection against various weather conditions. On the other hand, cotton or canvas and poly-cotton also protect against some outdoor conditions.

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