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URL ย่อลิงค์ is a technique used on the World Wide Web to make a Uniform Resource Locator shorter while still redirecting to the desired page. URL Shortening works by creating a redirect link that links to the long URL. This redirect allows users to access the page they are looking for in less than a second. Here are some of the best URL shorteners available. Listed below are the top three:


URL เว็บย่อลิงค์ services are popular among the web community, and Linktree is no exception. Its service allows you to quickly and safely create short links that will not impact your SEO or take up too much space. Using the service is particularly helpful if you use social media to promote your business, and Linktree offers a wide range of features to help you maximize its potential. Listed below are a few of the benefits of using Linktree.

Custom short links allow you to manage long URLs, and they’re easier to remember. You can even name them with words you use in your daily life. People have a hard time remembering long URLs, and they can waste up to two hours a day on internet searches. This is equivalent to more than ten hours of productivity! So, why not use a URL shortening service to help your business?


The Clkim URL shortening service is a branded Short URL service that helps marketers turn ordinary links into trackable assets and monetizable assets. With Clkim, marketers can optimize the performance of their links and gain valuable insight into their audience. Users can monetize every link with the help of their Clkim analytics and ad serving capabilities, without any technical knowledge or marketing expertise. All they have to do is point their domain to the Clkim servers and the rest will be done automatically.

Clkim’s machine learning algorithm predicts topics and chooses the right shortener for them. The algorithm takes into account topics and other sources, such as language and country, as well as user suggestions and popularity. Users can also customize their shortener by entering custom keywords. Once they have added a custom keyword, they can track the statistics of that shortened url. Then, they can start using their custom url shortening service to launch their website, social media account, and email platform.


You can use URL shortening services to optimize the performance of your social media profile. Hootsuite has an ow function that can be used to shorten links. You can customize your link parameters with ly link shortener, and it also lets you track analytics and measure click-through rates. This service is free and also provides advanced analytics. You can get started with the free plan and pay for advanced features if you want.

To see how your links look on different social networks, you need to use a Hootsuite account. You can sign up for a free account to get a free trial, or upgrade to a paid account and add custom tracking parameters to your links. The free version only lets you add one custom link parameter per link, but paid subscribers can add Google or Adobe Analytics specific parameters for each link. However, there’s no way to customize link tracking for each social network tab in Hootsuite.


Rebrandly allows you to create branded links easily and quickly. Simply paste the URL you wish to shorten into the Rebrandly website, choose a domain, customize the slash tag, add notes, tags, retargeting scripts, and more. You can even configure traffic routing. You can also monitor click analytics for each branded link. Rebrandly works seamlessly with and other CMS platforms.

Rebrandly’s brand management feature lets you control the way your brand name is recognized online, increasing your brand awareness and engagement. It even allows you to choose which part of your company’s name is shared with other users. Security is also an important feature, with 2FA authentication, multiple user permissions, and activity audit logs. This tool also ensures scalability and flexibility. It also has a user-friendly dashboard.


You’ve probably seen shortened URLs on Twitter. What’s more, these short links lead to your intended destination. This can help increase link trust, since people can see where the link originates from. Studies have shown that people are more likely to click a shortened link when it contains a brand name and a description. These are just two of the reasons why branded links are beneficial for your marketing efforts. Regardless of which method you choose, remember to keep these factors in mind.


Using a Twitter URL shortening service can help you get more out of your content on Twitter. Short links can be tracked by analytics tools, such as Google Analytics. Additionally, Twitter will continue to track clicks on links that are shortened. Users should be aware that some services such as only work on the platform, so if you plan to use it on other sites, you’ll need to subscribe to another service.

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