Why Oats Are Considered an Excellent Instant Food

In a race to lead a fast-paced race, instant oats have become an essential item of our meals, primarily for breakfast. Can you guess why? Oats are economical We can prepare them easily It helps us add fruits, nuts, or any ingredient of our choice to prepare a quick and healthy meal But have you ever wondered why oats are one of the most preferred instant breakfasts or the best instant food for many people? Read on to understand why.

1. Increases Our Vitamin Intake

Many of us have instant oats as an instant breakfast or snack. It is a ubiquitous sight to many people preparing omelettes, pancakes, smoothies, etc., with oats or even having it after boiling it with milk. Cooking snacks or breakfast like the ones mentioned above helps save time on a busy day. It is also known to increase the intake of B- complex vitamins. A cup of cooked instant is known to provide our bodies with the recommended levels of thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and vitamin B-6. Moreover, it gives you half of the required quantity of vitamin A. Vitamin A plays a significant role in improving our eyesight and is also considered good for bolstering immunity.

2. It Benefits Our Immune System 

According to The Institute of Medicine, adults should consume 55 micrograms of selenium daily. Selenium is believed to positively affect our heart, immune system, and thyroid, as indicated by the National Institutes of Health. It also serves as an antioxidant, making an adequate intake of instant oats necessary to prevent various diseases.

3. Increases Fiber Intake 

Another reason oatmeal is considered one of the best Instant foods is that they help us increase fiber intake. It is also seen that instant oats help us keep LDL cholesterol low. Females consume nearly 25 grams of fiber daily and men should get a minimum of 38 grams of instant oats (The Institute of Medicine). Instant oatmeal is also found to be rich in protein. One cup of regular oatmeal contains roughly 11 grams of protein. Every single bowl of instant oatmeal provides 5.5 grams of protein.

4. Provides Our Body with Necessary Minerals 

Enjoying an instant breakfast made of instant oats helps us take good care of our body. Instant oats are rich in essential nutrients like phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium. These nutrients are crucial for our bones. It also facilitates the proper function of nerves and fosters muscle development.

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