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Will the United States Education Ever Improve?

Will the United States education system ever improve? This question is a perennial debate and requires more attention than any individual person can give. Minority families have already shaken up the status quo, but the country needs widespread pressure to change. It is the middle class’s responsibility to demand change in education in the United States. Only then can the government make real changes. And in the meantime, parents and teachers alike need to be prepared to make the necessary sacrifices to improve the quality of education.

Recent polls have shown that American students aren’t performing well in math and reading. Although Americans are among the best educated in the world, high school graduation rates are among the lowest. In fact, fewer than 20% of college presidents consider the U.S. education system the best in the world. Despite this, American students still rank at the bottom of the pack when it comes to standardized tests.

In the 21st century, jobs are more likely to be dictated by digital media, social networks, and video games, and the standards that universities and colleges teach must evolve. The result of this is that many students may only master a few standards because they have achieved a certain cut score. They may not have the ability to analyze and apply information to unfamiliar situations. As a result, the current model of education must shift in order to keep up with these changes. The codex of academic standards must change in scale, function, and quantity.

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