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You Do Not Own a Dog; You Have a Dog

There is a saying that says, “You do not own a pet; you have a pet.” It’s a great saying for many reasons. Some people love dogs, while others hate them. Some of us even want a dog, and it’s hard to say no to a cute pooch. However, if you are a jetsetter, you should not get a pup. You will probably be flying every week or so, and this won’t do you any good.

There is a reason why every President has a dog. For one thing, dogs have the potential to be a huge source of positive publicity, and they have always been a big draw to the electorate. In fact, since George Washington’s time, many presidents have kept a canine companion. And with the rise of photography, dogs became celebrated national figures. The most famous presidential dog was Laddie Boy, a small Airedale terrier owned by Warren G. Harding. He even invited the public to the White House Easter Egg Roll in 1923.

Despite the benefits of having a dog, it can still be a liability for some people. Studies have shown that people who have been exposed to dogs during their gestation have a lower risk of developing certain diseases like eczema or asthma. While you may not be allergic to dogs, you can still have a dog because it provides a feel-good effect. This is because dog interactions increase oxytocin, the “love hormone.”

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